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dc_niceandnew's Journal

Washington DC : the Nice People and the New People
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All Members , Moderated
New to the DC metro area and looking to have your questions answered or to meet people?

Established DC area resident and willing to connect with other residents and/or help answer their questions? Want to post restaurant recommendations or reviews? Housing hints? Dating destinations? Sightseeing secrets? Transportation tips?

Then this community is for you. Come in, Come in and introduce yourself. Where do you live? How long have you been in the area? What do you do? anything else you want to share with the community?

We will transform the DC Metro region's reputation in lj land from snotty, sarcastic and snarky to wise, wonderful and welcoming.

No snark, biting sarcasm, or snotty behavior will be tolerated. The banmeister will flick the bannation wand in your direction and then *poof* you will disappear from the community without warning.

Look for the DC Area FAQ list coming soon!

Fine Print:

~All gigantic pictures should be under an lj-cut.
~No obscenity please.